HVAC Duct System Cleaning...

If your building delivers either heat or cool air through an air duct system, special care and attention must be given to the ductwork.

Temperature extremes in the system caused by moist treated air makes the walls of the ductwork a fertile habitat for bacteria, mold and fungi. Micro particles of these elements may be passed down along the system and be introduced into the air within living and working spaces.

These irritants may cause distress to the occupants of the building in the form of physical symptoms such as watery eyes, coughing and frequent dryness. Especially sensitive to these are the very young, the very old, and those with asthma.Proper maintenance of the HVAC system includes the source cleaning of the ductwork with agitation and a negative air HEPA unit designed to capture (not spread) these particles, and certified as to effectiveness. Special attention should be given to the heating or cooling unit itself, including any re-heat coils found down the line. All registers should be removed and cleaned. An OSHA approved, anti-microbial sanitizing solution may be added to the cleansed system as a barrier to prohibit further growth.

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