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Multi-family housing provides a unique set of challenges to the indoor environment of the building.

Throughout the past fifty years energy conservation has caused buildings to take measures against drafts and air leaks that cause heating and cooling costs to rise. This “sealing in” of the building has created a need for effective exhausting of stale air.

Each home unit shares one common source of air flow with other adjoining units - the building’s exhaust system.Ineffective exhausting of stale air from the building can cause air to linger and mix with the stale air from other apartments in the same exhaust line. Moisture and bacterial growth (from a bath exhaust line) originating at any point in the line may trigger similar growth in other units. Organic compounds and flammable grease may spread through common kitchen ducts.

The effective solution to this problem is to promote the efficient exhausting of air from the building through clear, clean passages. ChuteMaster is able to accomplish this by cleaning not only at the source (the kitchen or bathroom vent) but by thoroughly cleaning the common exhaust path and cleaning and servicing the roof fans.

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