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Why do we focus on health, safety and air quality? Because they define the quality of life. At ChuteMaster Environmental, our patented method of cleaning chutes, air ducts and dryer exhausts places health, safety and air quality at the forefront. ChuteMaster provides a variety of services and products for the enviroment "inside" your building and home.

Health, Safety and Comfort is our Focus...Customer Satisfaction is our Guarantee.

Trash Chute Cleaning

Dirty compactor chutes may contain waste matter, bacteria ridden food remnants, and other toxins.

Kitchen and Bathroom Exhaust Vents

Multi-family housing provides a unique set of challenges to the indoor environment of the building.

Hallway and Common Area Exhaust Cleaning

Hallways and common areas, including lobbies, are the true meeting place for all the different environments in your building.

HVAC Duct System Cleaning

If your building delivers either heat or cool air through an air duct system, special care and attention must be given to the ductwork.

Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

Lint build-up inside a laundry exhaust will cause the dryer to lose efficiency or create a blockage with possible fire risk.

Roof Fan Cleaning

Roof fans provide the draft to remove stale air from common areas, offensive food odors from kitchens and moisture from bathrooms.

Hopper Door & Compactor Sales & Repair

ChuteMaster maintains a sales and repair division in most cities we service.

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